Why is it a benefit for me to use a Travel Agent?

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Knowledge & Experience

Our travels and years of travel planning have made us an authority on vacationing. We provide you with the best customer service and advice to create the best vacation plans for you.

Service with a Smile

We listen to you, the client, to make sure that we understand what your travel needs are the way you want them. Our level of personal service goes beyond just replying to your calls and emails. We make sure you are satisfied with all aspects of your vacation.

Solid Relationships

We maintain great relationships with our preferred suppliers. We are in constant contact with our suppliers' representatives to look out for you. We know how to get upgrades, VIP treatment and other specials when they become available.

We Help Protect You 

Oftentimes, when you book exclusively with online services, your level of advocacy leaves as soon as you pay. With us, we take care of any potential
issues before, during and after your vacation if needed. Ask the online providers to do that without additional fees!

All-in-One Provider 

We are your one-stop shop when it comes to your travels. We take care of the research so that you don't have to, and when you book, it is absolutely
free. We know who to contact to create the travel plan that you want, not what other agencies try to sell to you.


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